Le Paradis du Safran, Ourika, Maroc

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Morocco really is one of my favourite places in the world. I aim to holiday there once a year or I combine work and pleasure. This country has so much to offer, whether it is the Atlas Mountains or the sea, the sights or, of course, Marrakech, with its shops in the souks, the spices, the food, and the friendly people you meet there every day.

Like every year, I stay with my friends at the Riad Enija, in Marrakech. You can read this post here. I would like to recommend one thing to you.

In 2017 we were pointed in the direction of Christine Ferrari, a Swiss woman who fulfilled a dream in Morocco. In her late forties, Ms Ferrari took a courageous step, by renouncing prosperity and escaping the hectic pace of everyday life to find her happiness in Morocco. At the time, however, she did not know what a rocky path she had embarked upon. She founded her own little saffron farm.

Le Paradis du Safran, Maroc, Christine Ferrari

Paradis du Safran lies about 50 minutes by car outside of Marrakech. If you are staying in a hotel, you can ask them to recommend a good driver who will take you there and drive you back. You will be inspired, what Ms Ferrari has created is a paradise on earth. Life was not made easy for her at first, a western woman who came to north Africa with a plan, wanting to assert herself there.

Today she lives and works here. She started a whole new life here. She left her old life in Basel (Switzerland) far behind. Saffron is her passion and now her life. She has struggled hard for it.

For harvest season, she employs over 50 Berbers, and the quality of her red saffron is internationally recognised and acclaimed.

In her paradise, she plants saffron across 20,000 m2, takes tourists on guided tours through her property, holds saffron seminars and has a beautiful 5,000 m2 garden. The saffron cultivation is just one part of the beautiful garden that also has countless plants, herbs and flowers, and olive trees as far as the eye can see.

Le Paradis du Safran, Maroc, Christine Ferrari

Christina Ferrari, an incredibly nice personality who worked hard for her dream. Today, after more than 10 years, she looks back on an intense time and can fully concentrate on her visitors, enchant and inspire them.

I really enjoyed making a tour across her paradise, followed by a traditional lunch, of course with saffron. A classic tajine, a fine soup and of course her own tea from the garden including saffron.

Christina Ferrari, with her charming personality, worked hard for her dream. Today, more than 10 years later, she looks back on an intense time and can fully concentrate on her visitors, enchanting and inspiring them.

I really enjoyed the tour across her paradise, followed by a traditional lunch, of course with saffron. A traditional tajine, a fine soup and, of course, her own tea from the garden, including saffron. It does take some time: with the trip, the tour, the seminar and the meal, it takes a few hours, before the trip back, but it is worth it and you won’t regret it.

Her life was published in a book:
Chrstine Ferrari
The Saffron Woman
Knaur publishing house

Do not forget to buy saffron or various tea blends on your departure. There is also an online shop (check it out on the right) where you can buy the red gold. I can only wish you a lot of fun, enjoy your time and be enchanted.

Le Paradis du Safran
Christine Ferrari

BP 85, MA-42452 Ourika/Maroc – km 31, Douar Takateret / Ourika  

Tel. +212 6 28 79 69 79 – 06 28 79 69 79