Alessandro Cipriano

…a tenor in the classical crossover genre, began his journey with a culinary apprenticeship as a chef and pastry chef at a 5-star hotel in Switzerland. There, he honed his skills in French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine. Over three years, he immersed himself in Chinese cuisine under the mentorship of a renowned chef with decades of experience in top hotels across China. However, his enduring passion lies with Viennese cuisine, a love cultivated during his years studying music in Vienna.

Alessandro Cipriano, at Riad Enija, Marrakech



Even in his early years, Alessandro displayed remarkable creativity, often found in the kitchen baking cakes and, of course, singing along. He excelled in his hospitality industry training, but his heart remained devoted to music. While continuing to work for a couple more years, he simultaneously embarked on formal singing studies in Zurich.

Under the guidance of opera and concert singer Werner Ernst in Zurich, Alessandro, a lyrical tenor with German-Italian roots, commenced his musical education. Following a successful audition in 1995, he earned a coveted spot as a student under the renowned Viennese chamber singer Ruthilde Boesch†. Renowned for her strict approach, akin to that of world-famous coloratura soprano Edita Gruberova, Ruthilde provided Alessandro with a rigorous and unparalleled education, demanding his utmost dedication and many personal sacrifices.

In 1997, Alessandro’s talent earned him a scholarship from the Armin Weltner Foundation for Vienna, following an audition for Alexander Pereira, former director of the Zurich Opera House and Scala Milano, and current director of the Maggio Musicale in Florence.

Vienna became Alessandro’s second home as he lived and studied there for a decade, deeply immersing himself in the Austrian capital’s musical culture.



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One More Try, Alessandro Cipriano


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One More Try, Alessandro Cipriano


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Alessandro Cipriano, Im Zauber der Nacht, Marrakech


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Sissi Trilogy, Wenn die Maske Fällt by Alessandro Cipriano